Art Basel Hong Kong 2021

May 19
May 23, 2021
Art Basel Hong Kong, Booth 1C18

Rossi & Rossi is pleased to announce its participation in Art Basel HK 2021. Sharing a mutual focus on the Asia-Pacific region, SILVERLENS joins Rossi & Rossi to showcase works of celebrated artists Siah Armajani, Nortse, Naiza Khan, Tenzing Rigdol, Mit Jai Inn, Nicole Coson, Gary-Ross Pastrana and Pio Abad. 

 The motif of American vernacular architecture frequents in the works of Iranian-born artist Siah Armajani (b. 1939). He materialises architecture for art in the prints of Sound Towers (1970) and Seasons (2002),and these works encapsulate how mundane structures of spaces can monumentalise gathering places. 

 As for Tibetan artist Nortse (b. 1963), The Mask Face (2014) and The White Mask (2014) coincide with the times we are experiencing under a pandemic. The paintings were made in response to the personal losses of the artist and the collective adaptation to the impacts of modernisation. Evolution of Tibetan Psychology (2011) by Tenzing Rigdol (b. 1982), a set of three canvases depicting the three types of eyes in Classical Tibetan art, also expresses the determination in preserving own thoughts under adverse situations faced up the Tibetan people.    

Besides paintings and prints, Rossi &Rossi is also showing installations and sculptures by Pakistani artist Naiza Khan (b. 1968) and Thai artist Mit Jai Inn (b.1960), with the themes of their works centring the exploration and protest against social and/or political constructs. Armour Skirt IV (2017)and the Scroll (2013) series utilise materials unconventional to the presented forms. Mit Jai Inn has showed at the galleries of Rossi & Rossi and SILVERLENS respectively. 

 In addition to the selection by Rossi &Rossi, Philippines-based gallery SILVERLENS is presenting contemporary artists hailing from the country. Nicole Coson (b. 1992) examines the concept of invisibility as an active result of choice, and in Untitled (2020) she experiments on canvas with the effectiveness of disappearance. Gary-Ross Pastrana (b. 1978) also demonstrates a subtlety of appearance in NOS. 61-97 (Set II-Hunting Guides) (1999-2003), a collection of index cards coated by acrylic and collages. Meanwhile, Pio Abad (b. 1983) is versatile in the range of media he uses with a core presentation on the sociopolitical significance of things.