Tsherin Sherpa

I want...I have...I hope

Oct 1
Nov 30, 2018
Exhibiting Artists:

Rossi & Rossi London is delighted to announce Tsherin Sherpa’s third solo exhibition, I want…I have…I hope. Featuring 10 new paintings, this new body of work aims to reflect modern Nepal – a place where tradition and modernity, myth and reality intertwine.

All but one of the paintings included in this exhibition are miniatures, each measuring 21 x 30 cm (8 ½ x 11 ¾ in). In describing his decision to paint in this style, Sherpa reflects on the opportunities he has had to view and handle Tibetan and Nepalese artworks in museum collections: ‘At museums…they bring out objects and put them in your hands’, he says. ‘You are interacting with something so precious and delicate. I really want to get that effect with my work and be able to make that impact’.

After visiting Nepal shortly after the 2015 earthquake and working with local artists in preparation for his 2016 solo exhibition in Hong Kong, Beautiful Decay, Sherpa was encouraged to move back to Kathmandu permanently in 2017. Now working in Nepal, Sherpa takes inspiration from his everyday observations about life there in visual form alongside images derived from local mythology and folklore. Juxtaposing his works’ figurative subjects with intricate, narrative backdrops, he creates visually exciting works and, thus, a new genre of miniature paintings with a contemporary context.