Group Show
Tibetan Encounters: Contemporary meets Tradition
Mar 19
Mar 27, 2007
New York

Rossi & Rossi has gathered together a group of seventeen of the most talented contemporary Tibetan artists, either living in Lhasa or outside Tibet, and asked them to create works of art as a specific response to a selection of early Tibetan paintings and sculpture.  The resulting dialogue will show the enormous vitality and high quality of contemporary Tibetan art and its continuity with the past.

Contemporary Tibetan artists are very aware of their spiritual and artistic heritage and the seventeen whose works will be exhibited in New York have responded to these ancient pieces with a deep understanding of their Tibetan roots while expressing themselves as artists who truly belong in the 21st century.   The works are executed in a wide variety of media and all are imbued with a profound spirituality and an aesthetic that does indeed cross the boundaries between eastern and western artistic traditions.

Tibetan Encounters: Contemporary meets Tradition reflects Rossi & Rossi’s wide knowledge of and interest in not only the art and culture of Tibet’s past but also in what is happening there today.  

Tenzing Rigdol
Aes Dhammo Sanantano - Change is the Eternal Law
Collage magazine and scriptures
96 x 63 cm
nyi ma mar po - Red Sun
Wood, Tibetan paper, katag, plastic tubes, acrylic, metal statue fragment
75 x 75 cm
Tsering Nyandak
s4 digital print
80 x 60 cm