Capital with a Bust of Bodhisattva
Ancient region of Gandhara
Second half of the first century
Grey schist
17 x 75 cm (6.7 x 29.5 in.)
Myohoji Temple, Shizuoka prefecture, acquired in the early 1970s

Corinthian-style capitals decorated with leaves of acanthus were an architectural element at the topmost part of pillars in Buddhist temples of Gandhara. 

In the present sculpture, a bust of the Bodhisattva, depicted in the middle, is surrounded by lively executed acanthus leaves. As an architectural motif, the leaves of acanthus with its ancient Greek origin reflect the transmission of cultural elements between civilisations. It is also interesting to note the tenons on the top and bottom of the capital.  Apart from images of the Bodhisattva, these type of capitals can also depict Hariti-the goddess of abundance, attendants, the Sun God amongst others.