Group Show
Aug 9
Sep 10, 2016
Hong Kong

Rossi & Rossi is proud to present Cromniomancy, a collaborative exhibition by Adrian Wong and Shane Aspegren. Inspired by the concept of cymatics, or the study of wave phenomena, the themes in Cromniomancy are concerned with divination, and can be seen as a continuation of a series of interventions presented under the collective name The Glorious Phoenix. The works take a number of different forms, including prints, rugs, video and sound.

The imagery in Cromniomancy suggests exploration of frequencies and cosmic divination. The word ‘cromniomancy’ refers to the practice of divination by onions. While its natural patterning is not unlike the shapes found within cymatics, the sphere within a sphere of the onion is also symbolic of eternity. Likewise containing healing and medicinal properties, the onion has been associated with esoteric forms of mysticism throughout history.

A related series of projects by the artists launched earlier in the year, Third Eye Kaleidoscope aimed to trace the development of eastern spiritual beliefs into the modern New Age Movement and its related principles and practices, specifically in the context of Hong Kong. Gaining popularity the West in the 1960’s and 70’s, New Ageism was fueled by an influx of Eastern philosophies, propagating an alternative to the normative structures of the Judeo-Christian framework. These philosophies were inevitably melded with various homegrown forms of mysticism, to yield its dizzying constellation of pantheistic and hybridized forms—forms that have now made their way back East. Third Eye Kaleidoscope was an investigation into these new renditions of New Ageist beliefs or, as the artists call it, The New New Age. The project occurred over three days, as three different events at three different locations in the city. These interventions predominantly involved bathing the audience in sound and light, speculating the ideas of cosmic frequencies, harmony, and rituals.

An evolving shift from the earlier projects of Third Eye Kaleidoscope, Cromniomancy—through a curated body of work consisting of an animated and narrated video, printed images encased in frames emitting sound and rugs designed around the aforementioned concepts—delivers an equally immersive experience.

Cromniomancy is presented in partnership with Yallay Gallery.