Group Show
Tradition Transformed: Tibetan Artists Respond
Jun 11
Oct 18, 2010
The Rubin Museum of Art

Tradition Transformed: Tibetan Artists Respond marks the first exhibition of contemporary Tibetan art in a New York City museum. The nine Tibetan artists featured each explore contemporary issues—personal, political, and cultural—by integrating the centuries-old traditional imagery, techniques, and materials found in Tibetan Buddhist art with modern influences and media.

The exhibition began with an invitation: the nine artists were asked to submit new and recent works that served as the show’s formative voice and inspired the curatorial response. Specific works by the same artists were then selected from New York private collections in order to complement the new pieces and highlight each artist’s range.

Tradition Transformed represents the unique position of this groundbreaking generation of Tibetan artists that includes Gonkar Gyatso, Tenzing Rigdol, Losang Gyatso, and Dedron. Several of the artists were born in Tibet while others come from Nepal or one of the large Tibetan settlements in India. Three continue to work in their Himalayan homelands, though the majority have emigrated to Europe and the United States. All have benefited from the possibilities of technology, travel, and personal artistic freedom, which inform their individual responses to the complex interaction between the traditional and the modern in both art and culture.

Still they face myriad challenges. Not only must they forge a name for themselves in the competitive art world, but they must also find their own place within Tibet’s rich and formalized artistic legacy. Trained in traditional painting and the strict interpretations prescribed by Buddhist religion, these nine artists break the spiritual formulas and artistic norms by experimenting with alternative media and extracting sacred symbols from their religious context, repurposing them for self-expression.

Tenzing Rigdol
Buddha-Ahh! Deconstruction Experienced
Oil on canvas
175 x 120 cm
Tsherin Sherpa
Things That Pop in my Mind
Acrylic and gold leaf on paper
101.6 x 76.2 cm
Kesang Lamdark
Dwarf of the Golden Horse-Shit
Dung, melted plastic, found objects
120 cm
Gonkar Gyatso
The Shambala of the Modern Times, edition 6/16
Mixed Media Screen Prints in 4 parts, Silk Screen varnished with silver and gold leaf on fine art paper
200 x 219 cm