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Designed and hand-printed by Feaston, for the exhibition A Collection in Two Acts.

"Today’s production and collection of art can be an ambiguous zone between past and future, allowing us to maintain a vague but open structured discussion.

This ambiguity and openness come in a playful form in the three T-shirts designed by Feaston for the exhibition. In the manner of a role play, the T-shirts are modelled on different characters in the art system, presenting facts and raising self-deprecating, rhetorical questions at the same time. In the design, “Yuri" becomes a symbol, being part of the system while constantly questioning it. Like this exhibition, these products invite the viewers to step back, away from the enchanting theatre of art, to contemplate on why we make art, produce exhibitions, collect, and to think about systemic questions surrounding art. In this way, we can prevent ourselves from getting lost in the face of this artificially generated behemoth and search for a radical but appropriate new paradigm for a breakthrough in this self-reflective post-structure."

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