Kesang Lamdark

Living in the duality of his Tibetan roots and Swiss nationality, Kesang Lamdark searches and explores the cultural space that can contain the complex expression of his identity and culture. This artist monograph, with over 200 coloured illustrations, is a detailed account of the life that has shaped his uncategorizable works: merging forms and references from the West and Tibet. Kesang Lamdark’s life and work has been punctuated by a series of dramatic starts, shifts and turns. Such movements make little sense viewed in a logical or progressive sequence, but only begin to gel when set in a more fantastic zone – a doppelgänger of the everyday, an Alpine mirror of Tibet perhaps – where, like the folding tectonic plates that, millennia ago, created this mountain chain, time and space turn back on themselves. On this rarefied level, a state of being may well exist in which art, and the selfhood it expresses, move intuitively, untrammelled by convention or ambition.

Artist Kesang Lamdark

with essays from David Elliott, Dr. des. Regina Höfer, Andrew "Andy" Cohen, and Alain Kupper

ISBN 885724221

2021, Hardcover, 24 x 28 cm, 280 pages

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