Short Stories

The experiences that inspired Nicole Wong are personal, but the emotions her artistic creations convey are universal. Published in 2016 for Wong’s first solo commercial exhibition at Rossi & Rossi London, Short Stories is a hardcover compendium of works by the Hong Kong-based artist, documenting her poetic grasp on drawing reciprocation from viewers while constraining facts intimate to herself. Short Stories begins with an essay by art critic John Batten, laying the contextual ground to understand the four major categories of Wong’s conceptual works: Poems, Problems, Puns, and Projects. She perceives the merits and flaws of the everyday scenario, and translates these insights into visual poems that tell stories of futile relationships, and the paradoxical relationship of sight and mind.

Artist Nicole Wong

with an essay from John Batten

ISBN 978-1-906576-48-6

2016, Hardcover, 27 x 20 cm, 104 pages

USD 32.00 
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