Naiza Khan: UNRULY edges

Natural landform boundaries, like oceans, mountains and deserts, occur gradually in erratic forms. Human-imposed structures are geometric, added and subtracted rapidly. The map-esque drawings and paintings on view at Naiza Khan’s third solo exhibition UNRULY edges interlock the layers, decompressing the changes enforced upon bodies of water throughout colonial history. The ‘becoming’ of sites is a physical process, and at the core of her new series Khan delineated the geometry of mass-assembled infrastructure at colonial port cities. This exhibition catalogue includes the artist’s conversation with curator Zoe Butt. 

Artist Naiza Khan

with a conversation with Zoe Butt

ISBN 978-1-906576-82-0

2024, Paperback, 19 x 27 cm, 102 pages

Language: English

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