Tenzing Rigdol
Digital Print
91 x 122 cm (35.75 x 48 in)

"This theme has been in my head for a very long time. I have always felt that the greatest way to experience growth within oneself (whether it be for better or worse) is when one contradicts oneself.

The width of change when brought before conscience stimulates life, it excites and rejuvenates life.

I feel that there is no such thing as the Perfect of anything. it always seem like a continual growth without a destiny. Every so-called destiny becomes a means to some other goal.

Hence, every moment becomes an opportunity to break out of an egg. Eggs that we ourselves grew up to love. Then life becomes a passionate journey. So the very means or the activities become a goal and we learn to live in the moment. And I feel that experience of change is only possible when one contemplates oneself, gives oneself some time to think and rethink.

An egg represents comfort, it also represents bondage, or it could also represent opportunity or a phase of an ongoing life that seems without a beginning and endless.

Mirrors represents illusion or maybe the only true self." - Tenzing Rigdol