Go Hung
Cast paper pulp sculpture, edition 3/25
62.5 (diameter) x 4 (thickness) cm

(text by artist)

Eldpathy (

Eldpathy is a Hong Kong social enterprise which aims to nurture public’s empathy and understandings toward the mental and physical needs of the elderly.

銀杏館 Gingko House ( ((

To help the grassroots and the disadvantaged groups, launched under "Ginkgo House" LOVE Project ("Love Care Action"), the "Love Lunch Box Campaign” through our branch restaurants and in collaboration with the social welfare organizations/NGOs, we have been distributing free lunch boxes to those in need.

ImpactHK (

At ImpactHK we have a vision for an inclusive Hong Kong where everyone has a safe place to call home and cares for their neighbor.

同你派 (

大家好!歡迎加入我地同你派 我地既角色係收集有心人捐贈既物資 再定期轉贈比基層市民/無家者

The Society for Community Organization (

SoCO was formed in 1971 by a group of clergymen and people who cared for Hong Kong’s development and campaigned for a fair and just social system.

V Cycle (

V Cycle is tackling Hong Kong’s environmental issues on two levels; ecological and social.  By coupling them, we can empower the underprivileged and protect the natural world.