Last Days of Chiron Retrograde - Photo array
Set of 18 photographs, letter, metal box

(text by artist)
Per.Platform於2021年9月由行為藝術家Florence Lam和策展人Juliana Chan成立,於2021年9月2-5日和2021年12月17-19日舉辦了兩次現場行為藝術節,以公開招募形式招攬藝術家,合共呈獻了13位本地藝術家,20個現場行為作品。Per.Platform將來自多樣背景和經驗的藝術創作者聚集在一起,創造獨特的現場藝術體驗,以響應特定的時間空間。我們與觀眾一起用身體和真實行為表達的共同點,處理活潑、存在感和短暫性。通過「存在」和「成為」,我們探討在這個媒介化時代中存在、短暫性和活力的含義的概念。似藝術節的實踐的基礎是信任和相互支持,我們努力創造一個平台,讓這些價值得到讚賞和頌揚。

行為藝術是當代藝術裡一個很獨特的藝術媒介。藝術家的身體是自身的經歷、身份和歷史的結合,而行為藝術家本人,就是作品的載體,有時更是藝術品的本身。要琢磨作品,首先要琢磨自己的人格和人性特質,因為這些特質,都會透過人散發出來的能量和氣場,直接影響作品建立的地基。而人是社交生物,有效的行為作品,可以和觀眾有跨越語言、生物層面的連結,亦因此造就了「集體即興行為」這種共同創作的模式 - 藝術品和藝術品之間,透過藝術家本人作為載體交流、思考、對話、產生化學作用,即使各個行為藝術家的藝術語言有別,當下的交流由最純粹的真誠、尊重和接納開放性的人性特質所推動,創造以人為基的各種performative image。

Per.Platform is a Hong Kong-based live art platform founded in 2021 by performance artist Florence Lam and curator Juliana Chan, and has since organised two editions of live art festivals on 2-5 September and 17-19 December, 2021, recruiting artists in the form of open call, and has presented 20 performances by 13 local artists. We bring together practitioners from different disciplines to create unique live art experiences responding to a particular space in time. Together with the audience, we explore the common ground of expression through human bodies and authentic actions. Through being and becoming, we investigate the notion of presence, ephemerality and the meaning of liveness in this mediatised age. The practice is based on trust and mutual support, and we strive to create a platform where these values are appreciated and celebrated.

Performance art is a unique medium in contemporary art. The body of the artist is a combination of their own experience, identity, and history, while the performance artist is the carrier and even the work itself. To polish a work, one must scour their own personality and humanistic traits. These traits directly affect the foundation of a work through the energy and aura emitted by the artist. Humans are social animals, thus effective performances connect with audiences across linguistic and biological levels. Resulting from such, is a co-creation model of collective improvisation. Embodied by artists’ bodies, the works of art exchange ideas, contemplate, converse, and create chemistry. Although each performance artist speaks a different language, the immediate communication is facilitated by the genuine respect and openness in their personality traits, in creation of a performative image that is human-based.