Kurt Chan Yuk-keung
Pau Ding Dissecting Ox
Ink on paper
45 x 55 cm

(text by artist)
庖丁解牛是荘孑著名寓言,本述養生之道,我則視為「由藝入道 」的描述 。我以書法撮寫此文,亦反映書道由模仿經典法道至自立之途,從嚴密的標準中找尋創作空間,仿效庖丁找尋骨頭間縫隙耒下刀的方法,把漢字結體稍作錯置移位,用浮動替代行氣。

Pau Ding Dissecting Ox is a well-known fable by Zhuangzi conferring the way of living life, and I view the story as a portrayal of “From art to Tao”. I abbreviated the text as I wrote it in calligraphy, reflecting how calligraphy established itself as a practice from its origin as an imitation of classic Taoist text. It was a search for creative capacity within stringent standards. Just as Pau Ding probed and carved spaces between the bones of an ox, I displace the framework and structure of Chinese characters, and replace the flow of the brush with the drift of strokes.