Leang Seckon
Installation - Heavy Skirt
Mixed media
Variable dimensions

This guy is a member of society who in different periods has taken up different roles: he is a soldier, a policeman, a teacher, a monk; he is a member of the Khmer Rouge, he is a killer.  

All people are from the mother’s Heavy Skirt. They grow up and society covers them.  Using religion, community and culture people build ideas however people without knowledge are very confused.  People with knowledge can find their own way to build, but may not feel completely free as they still have to follow the ideas of others.

The skirt is heavy; it is the skirt of the mother and it surrounds this guy.  As a baby we are in the stomach and the skirt of our mother covers us carefully, keeping us safe.  When we come out of the skirt the mother still carefully carries us, feeding, and singing to us.  

Time goes by and the mother of this guy still teaches him carefully the right way.  Someone else may push him, show him, tell him to change his ideas; to move away from the mother’s path.  Then the mother doesn’t know his feeling at all when she sees him, and does not recognize him as having come from her Heavy Skirt.