Tsherin Sherpa
UFO (Unidentified Fettering Organization) No. 2
Acrylic, ink and gold pen on cotton
108 x 140 cm

This work was inspired by the aftermath of 2015 earthquake in Nepal.

The composition consists of dilapidated ancient monastery, people, colorful clouds and multiple swirling protector deities. While creating the work, I wanted to focus more on the psychological impact than rendering real people and landmark. The colorful clouds were inspired by the visual impact I experienced while landing in Kathmandu from an airplane, when I went back to Nepal after the earthquake. The tiny colorful houses from above looks calm and pretty but as I went closer to the places that were impacted by the earthquake, the sight was disturbing and unsettling.

The architecture drawing in gold is actually a generic drawing of a floorplan to connote home for both people and deities.