Floating Facebook Flowers
200 x 150 cm (78.75 x 59 in)
200 x 150 cm (78.75 x 59 in)

If we look back into the past, forging relationships used to take a long time. We had to travel to meet up, or post letters through fellow travellers or the post office, or perform official diplomatic acts. I have seen pictures and read documents relating to President John F. Kennedy of the United States of America, who had a good diplomatic as well as personal relationship with the late King Norodom Sihanouk of Cambodia. However, I have no idea why Cambodia actually retraced its path and became a country of genocide. A female prisoner of Toul Sleng, who had been assigned the number ‘83’, had a sad countenance, as if she were disappointed with her own fate. As a prisoner, she had no relationships with any others. That’s why, even if she’s dead, her spirit would love to come back and find new friends who are truthful, honest and understanding. Her spirit would also be glad to see Cambodia being democratic again. The communal election just took place recently. During the campaign period, I saw a big, shady tree. Pasted on its trunk were fliers representing two major political parties: the Cambodian People’s Party, which was the current government, and the opposition, the Cambodia National Rescue Party. I was struck by a thought – friendships bring peace; friendships do not discriminate against class, race, skin colour or religion, or differentiate between animals or humans. As long as we can understand one another and work to maintain our friendships, happiness will remain. There’s only one world, one sky and one peace.

-Leang Seckon, 2017