Tenzing Rigdol
Acrylic, ink and gold leaf on paper
78.7 x 68.6 cm (31 x 27 in)

Painting Traditional Buddhist imagery demands accuracy, thus gridlines and guidelines are essential and are first painted on the surface before any color is applied, as these gridlines ensure an accurate representation of sacred images. The ancient tradition of Thankha drawings here are juxtaposed with Piet Mondrian's famous grid. Mondrian belonged to the Dutch Theosophical Society, and has attributed his inspiration to its esoteric doctrines. Much of Mondrian's painting can be seen as symbolic in nature, for example, the frequent occurrence of vertical and horizontal lines represents the theosophical doctrine of ascending stages in the spiritual journey.

Through this juxtaposition of esoteric ideas, the artist is able to draw parallel in art history that seems to speak towards similar thought processes and how they are represented through different cultures across time.