Chloe Cheuk
Scattering Journey
Archival inkjet print, edition 1/3
each 40 x 37 cm

(text by artist)
While in the new era of Web 3.0, NFT, virtual reality or video games, I would like to observe the alternative way of seeing a technological device. When the screen is on, we focus on the functionality, colour, design inside the screen but when the screen is off, the fingertips bring us back to the realm of human, physical and reality. The fingerprints hint us like a forensic investigation. What did the user browsed before? Was he aware that the connection between his fingers wandering around the virtual also left traces in the physical? These prints are coming from a shared tablets that can be borrowed from public libraries. The fingerprints that were left are publicly owned. The blurry lines between the private and public, the virtual and the reality make me imagine a world where our human experience is no necessity to differentiate between the virtual and the real anymore. The virtual world may or may have surpassed our expected impact to our real life.

在Web 3.0,NFT,虛擬現實與電子遊戲的世界裏,我嘗試以新的角度理解科技器材。當螢幕亮著,我們留意的是裏頭的功能性、色彩、設計,一旦關掉屏幕,我們的指尖將我們帶回人類和現實的領域。屏幕上的指紋就像法醫找到的證據一樣。用家先前瀏覽了甚麼?他知道他的指頭在虛擬網絡游弋的同時也在現實中遺下了痕跡嗎?這些印刷品來自公共圖書館供人借用的平板電腦,而各人留在上面的指紋也成為了公眾財產。私人與公共、虛擬與現實的界限日漸模糊,我也開始想像出不必再區分虛擬和真實人類體驗的世界。虛擬世界對實際生活的影響甚至乎有機會已經超出我們的預期。