Szelit Cheung
Space V
Oil on canvas
24 x 20 cm

(text by artist)
當進入一個空間直到離開時,我們是怎樣記得這個空間?是因為牆上的油漆、地上的行跡、空氣中飄浮著的塵埃、某個時刻的一道微光或甚至只是某一個瞬間的回眸。這兩年時常在思考空間與空的概念之間的關係,與此同時,也在思考空間是如何被記得? 試圖呈現“空”的另一個面向——空間與空的關係。

How do we remember a space from the moment we enter, to the second we step out? Do we remember it by the paint on the wall, the marks on the floor, the dust afloat in the air, a streak of light at a point in time, or a glance back for a split second? In the past two years, I have been contemplating the relation between the concepts of space and vacancy, also on how spaces are remembered. Through the connection of the two, I try to present the other facets of the void.